The homemade trick to cool the drink in record time

We all like to have the fridge full of refreshing drinks and food in summer to help us beat the heat. Beers, soft drinks, water and other products are staples in our refrigerators in summer, especially with rising temperatures across the board.

Drinks take a while to cool down, a process that can take a long time, especially if you’re in a hurry. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a homemade trick that will allow you to cool drinks at a faster rate.

To carry out the trick we have to submerge the drink in a container with water and ice and then add a good handful of salt. A doctor in food science and technology, Miguel Ángel Lurueña Martínez, explains through his Twitter account that salt lowers the freezing point of water and reaches a temperature below 0°C without freezing ( around -15°C).

Why does this happen? Salt needs heat to dissolve in water. When adding it, an endothermic reaction occurs and the salt will take the heat and energy from the can or bottle that we have submerged in the ice. Thus, our drink will cool down in just a few minutes.

There are other tricks to chill drinks. Although it is not as effective as the one we have just explained, you can dip some napkins in water and salt and stick them on the bottle or can that you want to cool. Then, we put the drink in the freezer for between ten and five minutes and when we take it out it will have cooled faster.What is the best method?

Through their TikTok profile, The Microscopic Magnifying Glass have put the two tricks to the test to see which one was more effective and left the drink colder in the same period of time. The result: putting the drink in water with ice and salt is the trick that reduces the temperature of the drink the most.

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