Summer cocktails that will keep you feeling cool and refreshed

Culinary author James Fraioli created 3 cocktails with rock legend Sammy Hagar for their book Cocktail Hits. Be a rockstar with these recipes! #newdaynw

James O. Fraioli, cookbook author and James Beard Award Winner has written over 40 books.

He joined the show and taught Amity how to make three cocktails perfect for summer! 

Santo Sunrise

Orange, grenadine, and Blue Curacao give this jewel of a cocktail — a riff on the classic Tequila Sunrise — it’s emerald-green color. Mezquila offers the kick. Switching out the typical booze might seem like a minor tweak, but the smokey mezquila is el corazón (the heart) of this drink’s bolder bite. There’s enough juice to temper the alcohol content, so you can go round after round with a cocktail more daring than a Screwdriver, and more distinctive than a typical Sunrise. 1.5 oz Santo Mezquila4 oz fresh orange juiceSplash of grenadineSplash of Blue Curacao Garnish fresh halved orange wheel

In a tall glass filled with ice, add the mezquila, orange, juice, grenadine, and Blue Curacao. Then garnish with the fresh halved orange wheel.

Kir Royale 

Nothing says classy Las Vegas vacation like sipping Red Head Rum, chilled champagne, and a lemon twist from an elegant flute on a balcony or terrace. For all you classy people out there who love a classy drink at home, this one’s for you. You can even pretend you’re clinking glasses at the Skyfall Cocktail Lounge on the sixty-fourth floor of the Delano. This sinful sipper is festively fizzy and tart with an underlying macadamia flavor thanks to the exotic-tasting rum. 1 oz Sammy’s Red Head Rum, divided4 oz chilled champagneGarnish with fresh lemon twist

Add half the rum to a chilled champagne flute. Slowly add the chilled champagne until 1/2 inch from the top. Top with the remaining rum. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist. 


If you’ve spent any time at Mexico’s Cabo Wabo, you’ve no doubt been served a Waborita — a splashy tequila concoction that is as vibrant as the Cantina itself. This flavor-packed sipper is a fixture at Cabo Wabo. Aged reposado tequila adds smooth vanilla notes to a light, citrusy twist on the classic margarita. 1 oz Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila1/2 ounce Damiana Liqueur1/2 oz triple sec or any high-quality orange liqueur1/2 oz fresh lime juiceSplash of Blue CuracaoSea SaltFresh lemon peel

Run a fresh lime wedge around the rim of a chilled martini glass. Then roll the moistened rim in the sea salt and se the glass aside. In a cocktail shake filled with ice, add the tequila, Damiana Liqueur, triple sec, and lime juice. Shake and strain into the prepared glass. Add a splash of Blue Curacao and garnish with a fresh lemon peel. 

The homemade trick to cool the drink in record time

We all like to have the fridge full of refreshing drinks and food in summer to help us beat the heat. Beers, soft drinks, water and other products are staples in our refrigerators in summer, especially with rising temperatures across the board.

Drinks take a while to cool down, a process that can take a long time, especially if you’re in a hurry. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a homemade trick that will allow you to cool drinks at a faster rate.

To carry out the trick we have to submerge the drink in a container with water and ice and then add a good handful of salt. A doctor in food science and technology, Miguel Ángel Lurueña Martínez, explains through his Twitter account that salt lowers the freezing point of water and reaches a temperature below 0°C without freezing ( around -15°C).

Why does this happen? Salt needs heat to dissolve in water. When adding it, an endothermic reaction occurs and the salt will take the heat and energy from the can or bottle that we have submerged in the ice. Thus, our drink will cool down in just a few minutes.

There are other tricks to chill drinks. Although it is not as effective as the one we have just explained, you can dip some napkins in water and salt and stick them on the bottle or can that you want to cool. Then, we put the drink in the freezer for between ten and five minutes and when we take it out it will have cooled faster.What is the best method?

Through their TikTok profile, The Microscopic Magnifying Glass have put the two tricks to the test to see which one was more effective and left the drink colder in the same period of time. The result: putting the drink in water with ice and salt is the trick that reduces the temperature of the drink the most.

What is going on with spicy bowl TikTok?

As criticisms of Pink Sauce circulated on TikTok last week, and its creator pushed back on claims that it made people sick, another TikTok food trend got caught up with it: spicy bowls. 

It’s a regional dish that’s been circulating on TikTok for a little over a year. Jamaica, who posts as TheeBakerGirl and is based in Pensacola, has “spicy bowl trend creator” in her bio but doesn’t take credit for inventing them.

Spicy bowls have been around Florida “for a while,” she tells the Daily Dot, and Orlando is a popular spot to get them. In June 2021, she posted her first spicy bowl TikTok and a week later she was taking and shipping online orders. @jamaicaaachanel #TheeBakerGirl #Spicybowl #spicybowlflorida #ShowUrGrillSkillz #foodie #SPICY #spicyfood #florida #cali #vegas #nyc #texas ♬ Time Machine – Muni Long

TheeBakerGirl’s bowls typically include Big John’s pickled sausage—a Southern staple—along with hot sauce, banana and jalapeño peppers, and pickles. It’s usually served with chips.@ambitiousbrande_ Soooo Good 🥴🥴🥲🔥 #spicy #spicybowl #florida #spicybowlchallenge #spicybowlflorida ♬ use this sound if you like the same gender – king dani

In the last year, plenty of others have attempted to market their own spicy bowls; the hashtag #spicybowlflorida has more than 16 million views, and #spicybowl has more than 76 million. Most of Jamaica’s customer base is in Florida or Texas, but there are spicy bowl variations from Louisiana, where creator Rolling with Melia calls hers the “original New Orleans snack box” and includes crawfish, as well as Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Jamaica doesn’t mind: “We’re all about helping others, businesses, and smaller content creators. We’ve always been in groups to help other businesses. There’s some things we keep to ourselves, like some secrets and techniques for recipes, but we’re always open to helping other businesses.” 

To wit, Jamaica says last week she spoke with Chef Pii, the Florida-based creator of Pink Sauce, when she was having some PR issues. Jamaica reached out to her about an order (“I ordered it before all this foolishness was going on,” she says) but ended up chatting with her on the phone and offering some advice about the product and her website.

“I really do think she could be successful in this,” she says. “There‘s just a few mistakes that have been made, and with correcting them I really think she will have a successful business.” 

Because all the ingredients in her spicy bowls are pre-packaged and store-bought, Jamaica says making them at home and doing one or two-day shipping isn’t an issue, and she does allow locals to see where she makes them, so people feel comfortable. “We are big on sanitation and cleanliness.” 

With the rise in DIY spicy bowl content comes quality control issues, of course. A June TikTok about ordering a spicy bowl that allegedly contained spoiled crawfish and did not come packed with ice went viral last week after being posted to Twitter, and it was held up as a warning about spicy bowls. On Twitter, there were quite a few people referring to the “Pink Sauce lady” and the “spicy bowl lady.”

“On social media, when they see one thing wrong, and there’s a bunch of people who make the same thing, they group us as a whole,” Jamaica says.@devatillis DON’T DO IT!!! RECONSIDER! 🚩🚩 #spicybowl #badbusiness #rollingwithmelia #fyp ♬ original sound – Deva Tillis

Deva, the Florida creator who posted about the crawfish incident, tells the Daily Dot her negative experience was with Rolling with Melia, the New Orleans creator.

“It was just something I wanted to try,” Deva says. She received a refund for that order, and she posted a more recent review of TheeBakerGirl’s spicy bowl, which she says “turned my negative experience into a positive one.”

This Popular Pizza Chain Is Launching Its First-Ever Crustless “Pizza”

Never one to shy away from pizza-inspired and pizza-adjacent innovation (like the popular Papadias), Papa Johns is about to serve up a new take on pizza. And this time, it will be made without one key ingredient: the crust.

After successfully testing its oven-baked “Papa Bowls” at select locations in Louisiana back in December, the Kentucky-based pizza chain will be rolling out three different crustless pizza bowls nationwide starting on August 15.

For more fast-food news, check out 4 Restaurant Chains With the Most Craveable Menu Items in America, According to Customers.

papa johns pizza bowls

For the meat lovers, there’s the Italian Meats Trio Papa Bowl. This menu item is made with Papa Johns’ signature pizza and Alfredo sauces and features a combination of pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, green peppers, onions and tomatoes, blanketed in three different melted cheeses and Italian seasoning.

Then, there’s the Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl, which consists of creamy Alfredo and garlic parmesan sauces, grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes, covered with melted cheeses and Italian seasoning.

For those seeking a vegetarian option, the Garden Veggie Papa Bowl has a mix of spinach, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and banana peppers. It’s layered with the chain’s signature pizza sauce, and like the other two varieties, is topped with a combination of three melted cheese and Italian seasoning.

Additionally, customers have the option to create their own Papa Bowl, which includes a choice of sauce and a maximum of seven toppings.

Eat this, not that

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The pizza-inspired bowls, which are priced at $7.99, will be available exclusively for Papa Rewards loyalty members on Monday, August 15 and for all customers on Monday, August 22, 2022.

The Papa Bowls aren’t the pizza chain’s only menu innovation this year. In April, Papa Johns released its Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust Pizza, which features the chain’s original dough hand-stuffed with melted cheese and pepperoni slices, topped with pizza sauce, more cheese, and a choice of toppings.